The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Responding to Israeli strikes | Russian fighter jets attack residential areas in Idlib

SOHR activists have reported seeing Russian fighter jets flying over Idlib province, while executing airstrikes on areas to the west of Idlib city. However, no casualties have been reported so far. Meanwhile, Russian fighter jets are still flying over the area.


Ironically, the Russian airstrikes comes a few hours after the Israeli strikes on Rif Dimashq and nine days after the latest massacre committed by Russian jets in Idlib, which left nearly 25 civilian casualties. According to SOHR sources, the positions which were targeted by Russian jets today are close to the site where the latest massacre was committed.


On September 8, SOHR activists documented the death of seven civilians and the injury of 15 others in Russian airstrikes which targeted a stone saw mill and a house on the outskirts of Al-Sheikh Youssef and Hafsarjah villages and other positions in Sahl Al-Roj, west of Idlib city.


The area was also hit by a surface-to-surface missile loaded with cluster bombs.