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Al-Hasakah | Arab ISIS commander killed in clashes with Asayish Forces

Al-Hasakah province: SOHR activists have documented the death of an Arab ISIS commander in Al-Qayrawan village in Tel Hamis town in Al-Hasakah countryside in clashes with the Internal Security Forces (Asayish).


According to SOHR sources, a patrol of Asayish Forces attempted to stop a car on suspicion, before the commander, who was an ISIS Emir (top commander) from the Arab Peninsula, clashed with the patrol’s members who shot him dead. Also, the clashes left several members of the patrol injured.


This coincides with escalating attacks by ISIS as a revenge against the anti-ISIS campaign “Humanity and Security” in “Al-Hawl mini-state” which was launched on August 25.


Earlier today, SOHR activists reported that SDF, backed by International Coalition Forces, carried out a security operation on Tuesday dawn in Al-Baidar village in Al-Karamah district in eastern Al-Raqqah countryside.


The campaign’s objectives manifested in the arrest two ISIS leaders. However, the clashes erupted between the raiding force and the wanted men, leaving an ISIS member and his son dead, and another son injured.


Since the beginning of the ant-ISIS security campaign in Al-Hawl camp on August 25, ISIS carry out 16 retaliatory attacks, all documented by SOHR. These attack left 17 people dead: three civilians, including a child, and 14 members of SDF and other military formations operating in areas under the control of the Autonomous Administration. Moreover, 11 combatants were injured in the same period.


With 14 attacks, Deir Ezzor province witnessed the largest share of ISIS attack in that period, since August 25, while Al-Hasakah province witnessed only one attack and Al-Raqqah province witnessed another attack.