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Al-Hasakah | Russian patrol tour Al-Hasakah countryside amid hectic movement by regime forces

Al-Hasakah province: SOHR activists have reported that Russian forces have conducted a military patrol comprising vehicles, and troop carriers in the eastern and western countryside of Al-Derbasiyah in Al-Hasakah countryside.

The conducting of the Russian patrol comes amid hectic movements by regime forces in the area.

Regime forces changed and replaced forces at the border posts in the western Al-Darbasiya countryside, reaching the frontlines with “Peace Spring” area.

Meanwhile, Internal security forces “Asayish” in the Relations Office also distributed and brought in logistical supplies to their border posts.

On September 12, Russian Military Police conducted a solo patrol in the eastern countryside of Ain Al-Arab city Kobani, eastern countryside of Aleppo, after not attending Turkish vehicles.

Russian forces in armoured vehicles waited for Turkish forces to come to the gate near Gharib village, east of Ain Al-Arab (Kobani) until 9 a.m., however, Turkish forces did not attend.

The Russian patrol, consisting of three military vehicles, escorted by two Russian helicopters, toured the villages of Karbnaf, Kusk, Alishar, Jum Ali, Kortak, Kobek Satin, Terry, Tiljib/Tel Hajeb, Kabajak Sagher, Telk, and Bozataba, then headed to Russian headquarters, near Sarin town, south of Ain Al-Arab (Kobani).

On September 5, SOHR activists reported that Russian and Turkish forces conducted a joint patrol this morning, in western Darbasiya countryside, north of Al-Hasakah, amid a flight by Russian helicopters.

According to SOHR sources, the patrol set off from “Sherik” crossing west of Al-Darbasiyah and toured the villages of Delik, Malak, Al-Abbas, Al-Aliyah, Al-Kasri, Dahr Al-Arab, Korkund, Barakah and Al-Barkafri, then returned to Sherik crossing.