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Cholera outbreak | 16 deaths and nearly 3,000 confirmed and suspected cases in SDF-held areas

Deir Ezzor province: 16 civilians living in “Autonomous Administration” controlled areas, mostly from Deir Ezzor, died of cholera.

According to official medical sources, Cholera deaths were distributed regionally as follows:

• Deir Ezzor: Ten.

• Al-Raqqah: Two.

• Al-Jazeera: Two.

• Al-Shahba: Two.

Meanwhile, the number of suspected cases of cholera has risen to 2,867 and on the rise, especially in the western countryside of Deir Ezzor.

Days earlier, SOHR activists reported that several Cholera cases arrived at “Al-Kasra Hospital” in western Deir Ezzor countryside, amid a lack of medical equipment and supplies, where dozens of Cholera suspects arrived at the hospital to receive proper medication.

According to a medical source in the hospital, the “Services Office” was contracted to provide the water stations with chlorine and to sterilize the water, after the increase in the number of affected cases, where the results were good and most cases were healed.

Moreover, due to the media intimidation about the outbreak of Cholera, anyone who suffers from diarrhoea and intestinal upset as a result of the bad weather would head to the hospital in fear of being affected by “Cholera.”

According to the sources, the clinics started operating in many areas to reduce the pressure off Al-Kasra Hospital, where clinics were distributed in Al-Jazara, Al-Hawayj and Mahimida towns with 24 hours of service, where medicine and intravenous fluids are always available.

Moreover, lectures are being given in Al-Tayana, Zayban, Suwaydan and Al-Jarzy areas to raise awareness.

Accordingly, the Cholera cases and suspects has risen to 200, while the number of deaths has risen to four.

On September 13, the Health Committee and the Organization Office in western Deir Ezzor province made a distress appeal to the concerned authorities to support the health sector to provide health support to the Western Deir Ezzor sector following the outbreak of cholera and the increasing number of infected cases, which increased the burden on the health sector in the region.

The text of the statement, a copy of which had been obtained by SOHR, read, as follows: “We, the Health Committee and the Organization Office in the Western Region, Deir Ezzor Civil Council, the Health and Humanitarian Organizations Authority and the World Health Organization, appeal for rapid intervention and support to the health sector in the Western Region and to provide medicines, serums, beds and medical supplies.

Due to the rapid increase in cases of cholera, the number of infected cases is ranged between 38-46 cases a day. Al-Kasra Hospital and health centres no longer accommodate these cases, so we call for quick medical support so that we can control the disease.”