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Anti-ISIS campaign | SDF arrests ISIS cell in Al-Raqqah

Al-Raqqah province: SOHR activists have reported that SDF special forces have arrested three ISIS members in Al-Raqqah city following a raid on a house they were used to planning and making IEDs.

Moreover, SDF special forces arrested an ISIS member during another security operation in Al-Raqqah countryside.

According to SOHR sources, the security operation has been carried out with the cooperation of the International Coalition, which monitored the location of the wanted with US aircraft on farms near Al-Karamah town in northern Al-Raqqah countryside. An ISIS member was found with numerous documents and equipment.

On September 23, SOHR activists reported that counter-terrorism units, backed by Coalition helicopters, in SDF-held areas carried out a security operation in Mazra ‘at Al-Jalaa, north of Al-Raqqa city, arresting three ISIS members.

According to SOHR activists, counter-terrorism units found explosive substances and materials used in the manufacture of explosives in possession of ISIS cell in Mazra’et Al-Jalaa, where ISIS cells manufacture explosives, and then distribute them to ISIS members to target military leaders and Autonomous Administration institutions in northern and eastern Syria.

This comes in light of escalated ISIS revenge attack following the “humanity and security” campaign in Al-Hawl camp,” which began last August 25.