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Homs | IRGC officers move from Palmyra military airport to “hotel” in Palmyra countryside

Homs province: Commanders of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard militia have left their positions at Palmyra military airport in eastern desert of Homs to Al-Abbasiyah area, nearly 30 kilometres south Palmyra. The commanders were stationed in a hotel in the area.

The reasons for changing their positions remain unknown until now. It is not yet known whether the militia changed their positions for protecting themselves from possible attacks on the airport, or for other reasons.

On September 19, SOHR sources reported that Iranian-backed Iraqi Hezbollah and Afghan Fatimiyoun’militia brought military reinforcements from Deir Ezzor to desert of eastern Homs.

The Iranian-backed militias were stationed in an area between Ark village and Ark gas field, nearly 35 kilometres to Palmyra, near Palmyra-Deir Ezzor highway.

Iraqi Hezbollah and Afghan Fatimiyoun’militia brought military reinforcements to protect the field from possible attacks by ISIS cells.

According to Syrian Observatory sources, the reinforcements comprise vehicles, equipment, soldiers and logistical and medical supplies.

On September 11, SOHR activists reported seeing the arrival of 35 Syrian members of militia trained and armed by the Lebanese Hezbollah, with their full equipment of weapons and vehicles, to Palmyra in eastern Homs countryside, from Al-Sokhnah desert.

The militiamen stationed in Palmyra city and its surroundings set up checkpoints there, following the militias received information that ISIS intend to target their whereabouts in Al-Sokhnah desert.

This came after several attacks waged by ISIS, targeting the militia’s whereabouts in Homs desert.