The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

After targeting “Jaish Al-Izza” camp | Russian warplanes fire air-to-air missiles over Idlib countryside

SOHR activists have reported that Russian warplanes have executed airstrikes over “Putin-Erdogan” area, with two of them being “air-to-air” missile in an area where displacement camps are located in the vicinity of Al-Atareb area and Ma’arat Al-Na’san, and Taftanaz city in Idlib countryside.

Earlier today, reliable sources informed SOHR that Russian airstrikes directly targeted a military camp of Jayish Al-Ezzah faction in Kalbet village in Kafr Lusin area near the border with the Iskenderun, north of Idlib.

According to SOHR sources, the camp was targeted with four Russian airstrikes, three of which rained down inside the camp and one hit the vicinity of the camp.

Russian airstrikes left two members of Jaiysh Al-Ezzah injured and led to the destruction of the camp square.

A source of Jaiysh Al-Ezzah faction told SOHR that the faction had “prior knowledge” of Russian attack, as agents of the regime forces told them about the attack, and the camp was evacuated minutes before Russian aerial bombardment.

It is worth noting that the camp was witnessing a military drill for 200 trainees and fighters just before Russian airstrikes that hit the camp today.

Russian airstrikes that hit the vicinity of Jayish Al-Ezzah camp also left displaced people living in the camps near the border with the Iskenderun injured.