The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Rapid collapses take place for the regime forces fortifications in the countryside of Idlib and Sahl al- Ghab

The violent clashes between the regime forces and allied militiamen against Jabhat al- Nusra, Jund al- Aqsa, Ahrar al- Sham, Junud al- Sham al- Shishan, Ajnad al- Sham, the Turkestan Islamic Party,  Sogour al- Jabal, Soqour al- Ghab and other rebel and Islamist factions have still occurred since after midnight due to an attack launched by the last party on several checkpoint and positions in the regime-held areas in the countryside of the city of Jeser al- Shagour  in the west of Idlib and in Sahl al- Ghab in the northwest of Hama, where the Islamist factions could advance and seize Zayzoun station and part of the town of al- Ziyara in Sahl al- Ghab and Tal Hakami, Khattab Hill, al- Sohour Hill, Marj al- Zohour and village of al- Msheirfah in the countryside of Jeser al- Shogour after they seized Tal Waset, Tal A’war and Tal al- Sheik Ilyas yesterday. The clashes accompanied by a suicide bomb carried out by a member in Jabhat al- Nusra who blew himself up using a booby-trapped vehicle on the outskirts of al- Kfeir area in the countryside of Jeser al- Shogour, while the warplanes carried out some raids and  ground-to-ground missiles landed on the same areas. The clashes also resulted in the death of 5 fighters of the rebel and Islamist factions and at least 12 members of the regime forces and allied militiamen, where some of the regime forces vehicles were seen retreating from al- Frikah area in the countryside of Jeser al- Shogour towards al- Qarqour area at the outskirts of Sahl al- Ghab, information reported that the rebels seized the village of Frikah and its vicinity.