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After threats by Internal Security | Smugglers release 26 detained members in Manbij

Aleppo province: SOHR activists have reported that a group of armed smugglers released 26 detained members of Internal Security Forces and guards of Awn Al-Dadat crossing linking between areas of Manbij Military Council and “Euphrates Shield” areas, a few hours after detaining them, after the arrest of 14 smugglers during a security operation near Awn Al-Dadat crossing.


According to reliable SOHR sources, the Internal Security Forces gave a period to smugglers to release the detained members before storming the village and arresting all the suspects. Meanwhile, tribal dignitaries interfered to calm the conditions between both sides.


Earlier today, Internal security forces raided A’oun Al-Dadat crossing north-east of Aleppo following escalated attacks by smugglers in the area, arresting 14 local smugglers from several families in A’oun Al-Dadat in the early hours of Monday morning. The smugglers and Asyaish members exchanged fire in the area.

In response to the arrests of the smugglers, armed groups of smugglers’ families attacked A’oun Al-Dadat crossing in Manbaj countryside, east of Aleppo, abducting 26 guards and “Asayish” members, including the director of the crossing. The armed groups closed the crossing was closed until the release of the detained smugglers.

The family members of the smugglers, nearly 300 armed men, demanded the release of 14 smugglers, threatening to kill members of the security forces and guards of A’oun Al-Dadat crossing in their custody, if they refused to release the smugglers.

Tribal dignitaries intervened to resolve the conflict. It is worth noting that this is one of the biggest kidnappings in the area.
It is worth noting that several families work in smuggling from areas controlled by Manbij Military Council towards the “Euphrates Shield” areas in the eastern countryside of Aleppo, with a green light from local authorities.

On September 30, SOHR sources reported that security services stormed several areas in the eastern countryside of Aleppo, searching for drug dealers. According to SOHR sources, a group of the “Crime Control Forces” which are affiliated with the Internal Security Forces (Asayish) stormed a farm hosting drug dealers nearby Manbij city, in front of the specialised hospital, in eastern Aleppo. Clashes erupted between the two sides, before two drug dealers were killed and others were injured.

It is worth noting that the illicit drug business has alarmingly prevailed among men and children, particularly students, in that region. According to SOHR sources, narcotics are smuggled from areas dominated by Iranian-backed militias to SDF-controlled areas across the Euphrates river, via river crossings.