The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Aerial bombardment | Turkish jet hits villages near frontlines with “Peace Spring” areas in Al-Raqqah countryside and Ain Al-Arab (Kobani)

Al-Raqqah province: A Turkish fighter jet has executed several airstrikes from Turkish airspace, targeting Al-Baghdiq, Aghbish and Kulteb villages near the frontlines between “Peace Spring” area and areas controlled by “SDF” in the countryside of Tel Abyad, north of Al-Raqqah, as well as positions in the villages of Karmug and Duran Tel Sha’ir in the eastern countryside of Ain Al-Arab (Kobani). The Turkish airstrikes left a civilian injured in Karmug village and caused material damage to civilians’ properties.

This aerial bombardment comes after the “SDF” targeted a Turkish military armoured vehicle in with a heat-seeker missile.

Yesterday, SOHR activists documented the death and injury of several members of Turkish forces, where SDF members stationed on the hill of Khan village western of Tel Abyad city in northern Al-Raqqa countryside, fired a thermal missile targeting a military armoured vehicle inside Turkish territory.

In the same context, Turkish forces fired heavy and light machineguns in the eastern Ain Eissa countryside, the M4 International Road northern of Al-Raqqa, Khanat Qazaaly village and Tel Abyad countryside.