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To cover up case | Military Prosecution in Ras Al-Ain issues statement about arresting young man after being deported from Turkey

Al-Hasakah province: SOHR activists have reported that the Military Prosecution in Ras Al-Ain issued a statement to improve its image in front of residents of the area and to cover up the violations of the Turkish-backed factions against civilians, especially those seeking a safe haven.

The minor was kidnapped in “Peace Spring” areas by the “National Army” factions, after he was forcibly displaced by Turkish authorities to “Peace Spring” areas. Meanwhile, the Military Prosecution issued a statement that explained that the head of the Military Police ordered the concerned authorities to search and investigate the whereabouts of the kidnapped minor, where the minor was found and freed from the kidnappers.

We at SOHR shed light on the kidnapping of the minor, who is still detained by Turkish-backed factions in Ras Al-Ain area. Moreover, the “National Army” members contacted the minor’s parents demanding 20,000 USDs ransoms for his release, while his fate remains unknown.

It is worth noting that the attempts of the Military Prosecution in Ras Al-Ain area comes as an attempt to polish its image in front of residents of the area held by Turkish-backed factions in “Peace Spring” area, and to fake the facts regarding the violations committed against civilians in the area.

SOHR activists reported that Turkish-backed factions within “Peace Spring” area arrested a minor from Daraa after he was forcibly deported from Turkish territory to Ras Al-Ain in Al-Hasakah countryside.According to reliable SOHR sources, the factions threatened the family of the minor of killing him if they do not pay 20,000 USDs as ransoms.
It is worth noting that “Peace Spring” area had been witnessing human smuggling, under supervision of armed Turkish-backed factions.