The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Stripped of his clothes | Commander of Internal Security tortured and insulted in Deir Ezzor

Deir Ezzor province: SOHR activists have reported that SOHR obtained a video tape showing a commander of the SDF-backed “Deir Ezzor Military Council”, who is affiliated to “Abo Khola” the head of the Council, being brutally tortured and insulted by a commander of the Internal Security “Asayish” “Tamer Hussain Abd Allah Al-Arab” known as “Abo Arab”, who is responsible for protecting the “Executive Council” in Deir Ezzor, while the location where the events of the video took place in wasn’t revealed.

According to reliable SOHR sources, the victim was tortured and insulted for personal disputes with a commander of the “Deir Ezzor Military Council” known as “Abo Islam”, in addition to accusing him of several accusations including stealing steel from an electricity company.

It is worth noting that “Abo Al-Arab” is from “Al-Bakara” tribe in western Deir Ezzor countryside and works with “Abo islam”, who is one of commanders of the Military Council.

The commander of the Internal Security “Al-Asayish” known as “Abo Arab” showed up in the video tape being completely stripped of his clothes and forced to “dance” and provide apologies to commanders of the Military Council with “Luqman” and “Abo Jabr” being mentioned, moreover, signs of torture were shown on his body.

We at SOHR confirm that this is criminal act, regardless of the reasons and motives, and has nothing to do with humanity, and we call responsible authorities to start an immediate investigation into the incident and bring those involved to justice.