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Ongoing violations | Turkish factions steal olives trees and impose levies on farmers and displaced people in Afrin

Aleppo province: Al-Hamza faction imposed levies on farmers that differ in accordance to the number of olive trees owned by the farmers in areas controlled by the Turkish-backed Al-Hamza faction in Jendires district in Afrin countryside, north-west of Aleppo. The faction imposed a levy of 50% of olive harvest on the owners of olive presses and 25% of olive corps on farmers.

Moreover, “Al-Sultan Suleiman Shah” faction, aka “Ammashat,” imposed levies on farmers in Sheikh Al-Hadid district of 5 USD on each olive tree owned by forcibly displaced persons and 10% on residents in village under the control of Al-Ammashat faction.

Furthermore, Jayish Al-Nukhbah faction has imposed levies on the owners of agricultural tractors in Chikhotka in Maabatli district. The levy amounted to 200 Turkish liras per tractor.

Meanwhile, Al-Sham Corps faction captured and seized nearly 200 olive trees in Kaiyla village in Raju district. These trees are owned by a displaced man who was forced to northern Aleppo countryside, under the control of Kurdish and regime forces.

Additionally, Soqour Al-Shamal faction stole the harvest of 20 olive trees in Karmouk village in Sharan district in Afrin countryside.

Members of Jayish Al-Sharqiyyah faction also stole the harvest of 70 olive trees in Paflor village in Gendires district of Afrin countryside.

Members of the Amshat faction also stole the harvest of 200 olive trees in Arandah village in Sheikh Al-Hadid district of Afrin countryside.

Meanwhile, the crop of 50 olive trees in Kafr Sfra village in Jenderes district was also stolen by the Samarkand Brigade faction.

A member of Jayish Al-Islam faction sold a house in Raju district in for 900 USD.

A member of Al-Jabha Al-Shamiyyah faction also sold a house in Al-Ashrafieh neighbourhood of Medina for 1,400 USD.