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Al-Raqqah | Two members of “Commandos Forces” shot dead by Asayish Forces

SOHR activists have documented the death of two members of “Commandos Forces” by gunfire by members of the Internal Security Forces (Asayish) this morning. According to SOHR sources, the “Commandos” members, who were travelling in a car, refused to stop at a checkpoint of Asayish Forces in Hattin area in Al-Raqqah countryside, before clashes with machineguns erupted between the two sides. The clashes resulted in the death of those two members and the injury of others.


It is worth noting that the recently-escalated attacks by ISIS have forced security forces to adopt strict security measures.


On October 5, SOHR sources reported that a motorcycle ridden by an unidentified person exploded this afternoon on the bridge of Qarqawiyah village, west of Al-Darbasiyah city on Al-Hasakah road, leaving the driver of the motorcycle dead.


Internal security forces opened an investigation into the incident and blocked bicycles from passing through Asayish checkpoints.


While on September 12, an explosion rocked Washokani camp, which houses displaced people, in areas controlled by Autonomous Administration in Al-Hasakah countryside, in Ras Al-Ain area (Sere Kanye), when a booby-trapped motorcycle exploded on the main street of the camp, killing at least one person and injuring three others, and causing material damage.