The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Arbitrary arrests | Military intelligence arrest three workers for rejecting to pay levies in Homs

Homs province: SOHR activists have reported that members of the Military Intelligence Branch arrested three construction workers on their way to work in a flat in the district at the entrance to Al-Khalidiyah neighbourhood in Homs city centre on Saturday morning.

SOHR activists have reported that a verbal dispute erupted betwwen a member of the checkpoint and the driver of the car carrying the workers after he had refused to pay a levy imposed by members of the regime forces stationed at the main entrances to the destroyed neighbourhood of Homs.

According to SOHR activists, although the workers intervened and tried to satisfy the members by paying a sum of money, the gathering of a number of residents near the checkpoint triggered the members to fabricate a charge against the workers and the driver of the car claiming that the workers work in a house whose owner had not been given “Return permission” by branch 261 “Military Security.” The detainees were transferred to the branch building for an investigation.

It is worth noting that regime security branches in Homs established a series of military checkpoints and security detachments in residential neighbourhoods that have opposed the regime, and at their main entrances in conjunction with the closure of all sub-roads to those neighbourhoods, to prevent any car to enter these neighbourhoods except through their checkpoints.