The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Israeli attack | Missiles destroy drones manufacturing equipment of Iranian-backed militia in Dimas airport area in western Rif Dimashq

SOHR activists have revealed new details about the recent Israeli attack that hit Syrian territory on October 21.

According to SOHR sources, military logistics and equipment used to assemble Iranian-made drones in Dimas military airport area in western Rif dimashq were destroyed after being directly targeted by Israeli missiles. A radar and airstrip were also targeted at the airport. However, no casualties have been reported so far.

In January 2022, shipments of weapons, ammunition, and parts to manufacture drones had arrived at Dimas military airport in the western countryside of Damascus at T4 airport in Homs countryside, SOHR reliable sources reported.

It is worth noting that Iran and its backed militias almost completely controlled Dimas military airport during the recent period.

Moreover, Hezbollah members were conducting drilling operations in and around the airport to store strategic weapons brought by Iran to the area close to the Syrian-Lebanese border. Syrian Observatory sources said experts from Iran’s “Revolutionary Guard” and some experts from Lebanon’s Hezbollah who have trained in Iran were seen in Dimas airport.

On February 9, Israeli forces carried out two rounds of attacks in Syrian territory in the early hours of Wednesday morning. The first round was carried out by fighter jets flying over Lebanon, where the Israeli airstrikes targeted positions on the old highway between Damascus and Beirut in Rif Dimashq and the outskirts of Jadidat Al-Shibani in Wadi Baradi where warehouses and military positions of Iranian-backed militias are located. Meanwhile, regime air-defences attempted to intercept the Israeli airstrikes, shooting down some missiles. The second round of Israeli attacks, which was carried out with rockets fired from the occupied Syrian Golan, targeted regime air-defence batteries in the same area, killing a regime first lieutenant. It is worth noting that shrapnel of a missile fired by regime air-defences caused material damage to civilian properties in a neighbourhood Qudsiyya area.

Earlier, Israeli missiles hit the area of Damascus International Airport, and an area near Damascus, where an air defence battery and equipment of the regime’s air force were targeted there.