The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Dea*th toll update | Four people, including child, ki*lled in Jarablus’ tribal infigh*ting

Aleppo province: SOHR activists have documented the death of a young man from Jarablus city of wounds he sustained today when gunmen displaced from Al-Shuyoukh shot him directly and burned his car in Jarablus city centre in eastern Aleppo countryside.

According to Syrian Observatory activists, Al-Jaysat tribesmen have appealed to all members of the tribe to go to Jarablus to support them as gunmen from Al-Shuyoukh town attacked them following the killing of a young man and a child from Al-Shuyoukh town.

The death toll is believed to rise due to the presence of three people with serious injures.

Accordingly, the death toll of tribal infighting in Jarablus city in Turkish-backed factions has risen to four people, including a child.

In a related context, Military Police and Liberation and Construction Movement operating under the banner of the National Army have imposed curfews in some neighbourhoods of Jarablus city, amid bring in large military reinforcements to the city.

This comes following appeals by residents of Jarablus that the National Army factions should intervene to stop the ongoing fighting in the city.

A few hours ago, SOHR activists documented the death of a civilian from Al-Shuyoukh town in eastern Aleppo countryside of wounds he sustained this morning when a group of gunmen from Al-Jaysat tribe stormed his shop in Jarablus city centre in eastern Aleppo countryside and shot him directly, seriously injuring him. The man was taken to hospital, but died of injuries.

After the young man died, his family from Al-Shuyoukh town waged an attack on Amin Al-Hassan petrol station.

Violent clashes erupted with light and medium machine guns in the middle of residential neighbourhoods in Jarablus city, amid calls by Al-Jaysat tribe that they should be careful, close shops and not go to workplaces, for fear of being killed by people from Al-Shuyoukh town in retaliation for the deaths of two of their sons.

This comes in light of the ongoing security chaos in areas held by Turkish forces and their proxies in “Euphrates Shield” and its surroundings.

This morning, SOHR activists documented the death of a 14-year-old boy of injury he sustained in yesterday’s clashes between “Al-Gisat” tribe and residents of Al-Shuyoukh district in Jarablus city in eastern Aleppo countryside.