The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Sixth anniversary of Hass massacre | 38 were k*ill*ed by regime airstrikes in southern Idlib countryside

Today marks the sixth anniversary of one of the most horrific massacres committed by regime warplanes in Idlib countryside. On 26 October 2016, two regime warplanes bombarded the southern district of Hass village in southern Idlib countryside, executing nearly ten airstrikes on Kamal Qala’ji primary and preparatory schools.

The aerial bombardment killed nearly 38 civilians, including 18 children and six women. Regime executed airstrikes firstly on the school buildings, then regime airstrikes hit the highway where students were trying to escape outside schools. This proves that regime forces deliberately intended to target and kill the largest number of civilians.

Throughout the past years of the Syrian Revolution, Idlib, and countryside have witnessed many massacres by regime forces, regime warplanes and helicopters, and the Russian Airforce, leaving hundreds of civilians killed and injured and causing the destruction of many residential buildings.

It is worth noting that Russian and regime aircraft continue their bombardment from time to time, targeting different areas in the “de-escalation” zone and leaving civilian casualties.