The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

After rapi-ng and tort-uring her | Turkish border guards dump Syrian women and her children outside of Turkey

Al-Hasakah province: SOHR activists have reported that members of the Turkish border guards “Jandarma” arrested a woman in her 40s and five of her children, after they crossed the Syrian borders towards Turkish territory via “smuggling”, to migrate to Europe seeking safe haven.

According to reliable SOHR sources, the woman is from Tel Tamr town north western of Al-Hasakah, and she was raped, tortured and brutally beaten by members of the Turkish border guards “Jandarma”, before she was dumped outside of Turkish-Syrian borders while she was naked. Meanwhile, SDF-backed “border guards” members took her to the hospital to receive proper medication.

On October 24, SOHR activists reported that Ahrar Al-Sharqiya faction released 15 civilians, including two women, after arresting some of them for more than two months, in exchange for ransoms paid by their relatives and after mediation by dignitaries of “Arab Al-Ghamr,” while the fate of ten others remained unknown.
According to Syrian Observatory activists, the faction had arrested a number of Syrian civilians, some from Al-Hasakah countryside, some from Aleppo, Aleppo’s countryside and Deir Ezzor, after attempting to cross into Turkish territory from “Peace Spring” area through routes used for “human smuggling.” The arrestees come from SDF-held areas.