Daraa clashes | Two children ki-lled by indiscriminate gunfire, bringing deaths toll to six in two days • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights
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Daraa clashes | Two children ki-lled by indiscriminate gunfire, bringing deaths toll to six in two days

Daraa province: Two children were killed near a bread bakery in Daraa Al-Mahatah, by indiscriminate gunfire fired during the ongoing clashes in neighbourhoods of Al-Hamadin and Tariq Al-Sadd in Daraa, for the second consecutive day.

Accordingly, the death toll from the ongoing clashes in Daraa since Monday, October 31, has risen to six, and they are as follows:

• Three civilians, including two children.

• Two ISIS members.

• A member of local factions.

Yesterday, SOHR activists reported that two ISIS members were killed in an attack by local factions and the 8th Brigade on buildings where ISIS members holed up in Tariq Al-Sad neighbourhood in Daraa Al-Balad.

SOHR activists reported that clashes with light and medium weapons go on, while ISIS members detonated an IED in Khanouk Al-Thawr area near Tariq Al-Sadd neighbourhood, leaving civilian casualties.

According to SOHR sources, Muhammad Al-Masalmeh aka (Hafu), and Muaayad Harfoush, nicknamed “Abu Ta’ajah” participated in the ongoing clashes in Daraa.

The two men are among the most wanted members of the local factions for being accused of carrying out several assassinations of leaders and members of the opposition factions. The most recent of these attacks was the exploding of a house of faction leaders in Daraa city, killing and injuring 15 people.

It is worth noting that (Hafu) and (Abu Ta’aja) were the most wanted persons by the regime forces in their recent attack on Daraa Al-Balad before striking the last settlement deal.

Yesterday morning, SOHR activists reported that the body of a civilian was found dumped near Al-Hamzawy shops in Tariq Al-Sadd neighbourhood of Daraa, and four people, including a young woman, were injured by an explosion and clashes near engineers’ buildings

Violent clashes erupted between local groups of the Central Committees and groups of the 8th Brigade on the one hand and ISIS members on the other in Daraa Al-Balad near Al-Rubai checkpoint in Tariq al-Sadd neighborhood.

Yesterday, SOHR activists reported that residents of Daraa issued an announcement, after the entry of regime military reinforcements to the neighbourhoods and Al-Sad road in Daraa, where the announcement pointed to the regime’s violations against civilians, calling to stand as one unit and promising to respond without mercy.

SOHR obtained a copy of the announcement that read: “We refuse the intervention of any militias, and that the good people of Daraa are working on breaking the clashes and disputes among the people, and we announce that in case of any military intervention by regime’s militias or the Legion, we will respond without mercy. We demand residents of Horan to stand with us as one unit and to prevent the regime from winning political advantages that would put everyone in danger in case the regime succeeds in causing sedition.”

On october 29, SOHR activists reported that the regime’s Military Security Forces brought military reinforcements to neighbourhoods of Daraa Al-Balad, Al-Sad road, and the camps, amid the displacement of civilians and imposition of curfew in the town.

This came after a suicidal attack by a person, who is likely to belong to ISIS, on the house of a former commander in Daraa Al-Balad.