Supervised by Russian officers | Regime forces and their military formations deploy at 20 checkpoints in Syrian desert • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights
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Supervised by Russian officers | Regime forces and their military formations deploy at 20 checkpoints in Syrian desert

SOHR activists have reported hectic and intensive movements of regime forces led by Russian officers in the Syrian desert.

The 25th Division forces led by Brigadier General Suhail Al-Hassan, aka Al-Nimr (Tiger) have deployed at more than 20 military positions and checkpoints on the road between Athriya-Al-Raqqah area and Athriya-al-Sa’an area in eastern Hama countryside.

The deployment of regime forces coincided with the arrival of a military delegation from the capital Damascus and Russian officers.

The task forces for protection and security escorts of “Hamisho” militia have also mobilised in their positions in the Syrian desert, after eliminating the domination of Al-Qatarji militia.

This morning, SOHR activists reported that a large military convoy of regime forces set off from eastern Hama countryside, heading to Al-Tabqa crossing in Al-Raqqah province.

The convoy took Salmiyah-Atharia road and prevented people from passing through the road.

The convoy consists of dozens of cars loaded with heavy weapons, a number of armoured vehicles, tankers loaded on transport vehicles, and dozens of soldiers.

Meanwhile, Russian fighter jets carried out airstrikes on ISIS hideouts in Sabkha Al-Kom and other areas in the Syrian desert.

On October 30, SOHR activists reported a new combing campaign by National Defense Forces, searching for ISIS cells, as vehicles with heavy machine guns mounted on them were deployed in Al-Sokhna desert in eastern Homs countryside.

On October 27, SOHR activists documented the death of a member of “Mohamed Hamshou” militia, which is backed by the 4th Division, due to the explosion of an old landmine in an outpost dubbed the “First Ambush” on the road between Atheriyah and Al-Raqqah in the eastern countryside of Hama in the Syrian desert.

SOHR activists reported seeing the arrival of military reinforcement of the 25th Division members and regime soldiers in Palmyra city, along with the landing of four Russian helicopters carrying regime soldiers at Palmyra airbase.

According to SOHR sources, this reinforcement was sent to palmyra airbase as a part of preparations for military manoeuvres in the Syrian desert. As soon as the Russian helicopters arrived at the base, they started combing the area from Al-Abbasiyah to the centre of Al-Hammad and the T-3 station.