The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Daraa violent clashes | Seven local militiamen and IS*IS members ki-lled in one day

Daraa province: SOR activists have documented the killing of seven people in ongoing clashes that renewed on Saturday, and they are as follows:

• A media activist.

• Four members accused of belonging to ISIS

• Two members of local factions and the 8th Brigade.

The clashes renewed at dawn on Saturday, following a temporary truce declared by the factions, to ensure the largest number of families living in the area of the clashes leave safely.

The shelling focused and concentrated on three neighbourhoods in Daraa, namely Al-Mohandseen, Tariq Al-Sadd, Al-Hamadin in Daraa and the northern district of Al-Sanamayn city.

Heavy weapons and tank shells were fired by military formations besieging ISIS cells.

Areas, where ISIS members holed up in Daraa, witnessed anti-aircraft shelling and clashes with individual weapons.


Accordingly, the death toll from Daraa clashes in Daraa since Monday, October 31 has jumped to 16, and they are as follows:

• Four civilians, including two children and a media activist.

• Seven ISIS members.

• Four members of local factions, including a leader.

• A member of the 8th Brigade.

On Friday, local factions in Daraa extended the temporary truce, so that civilians could leave for safer areas, until Friday evening.

This decision followed yesterday’s meeting that was held between dignitaries from Daraa and local factions to discuss the ways of ending the ongoing fighting and clashes in Daraa.

Syrian Observatory sources also reported that local factions would resume anti-ISIS operation after the truce deadline expired.


On November 3, SOHR activists reported that dozens of families left Tariq Al-Sadd neighbourhood and Daraa camp to areas far from the confrontations, after local factions in Daraa Al-Balad announced a ceasefire a day earlier in Tariq Al-Sadd neighbourhood and Daraa camp until Thursday evening and called on other trapped and stranded families to get out of the besieged neighbourhoods in the area.

Meanwhile, Moayad Harfoush’s group stated its commitment to a ceasefire, so the civilians can leave safely the area.

Under the humanitarian situation, the Red Crescent Organisation near Saraya building did not provide support to families exiting from the besieged neighbourhoods, nor did they prepare a safe place for these families.