The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Cease-fire violation | Rebels target seven regime positions, while regime forces shell nearly 20 villages and towns in Putin-Erdogan area

“Al-Fath Al-Mubin” operations room and factions have bombarded regime camps of Joreen, Shatah, Al-Bahsa and Al-Baraka in north-western Hama countryside, Saraqib and its surroundings, Jubas in Idlib countryside, and Tel Al-Barkan in northern Latakia countryside, in response to the death and injury of more than 80 people in IDPs camps in Idlib.

Meanwhile, regime forces have fired artillery shells on the outskirts of Ariha, Urm Al-Jouz, Bayannin, Safuhan, Al-Fatirah, Kfar Awaid, Al-Ruwaihah and Shannan in Idlib countryside.

Regime shells have also hit five camps west of Idlib city, the vicinity of Atareb and the villages of Kfarama and Kafar Ta’al in western Aleppo countryside, and Al-Zyarah, Al-Qarqour and Al-Sarmaniyah in Hama countryside.

Accordingly, the number of shelled sites has risen to 19.


A few hours ago, five IDPs camps west of Idlib city came under six rockets loaded with hundreds of cluster bombs fired by regime forces stationed near Aleppo’s Neirab military airport, coinciding with a burst of rockets fired from regime forces’ military camps in eastern Idlib countryside.

Regime shelling left six people, including one woman and two children dead, and 75 others injured, mostly displaced people in IDPs camps in Maram, Watan, Wadi Haj Khaled, Kafr Rouhain water station camp, Maureen village camp and Ba’iba’ah camp, west of Idlib city.

SOHR activists had reported that Russian fighter jets executed four airstrikes on a forest west of Idlib city that hosts military camps of rebels. No casualties were reported.