The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

“Having involuntary deported from Turkey | Displaced man ki*lled by regime shelling on Idlib camp

Turkish authorities force Syrian refugees holding “temporary protection” cards issued by Turkish immigration service to sign papers proving their voluntary return to Syria, indifferent to the risks they face in the alleged “safe zone,” or in”Putin-Erdogan” areas.

In this context, a man displaced from Hish town in Idlib countryside was killed by ground shelling by regime forces on Maram camp for displaced persons west of Idlib city, after being deported from Turkey nearly two months ago, under the name of “voluntary return.”

On November 4, SOHR activists reported that two Kurdish families from Afrin were deported by Turkish authorities to Syria.

A member of the deported family said in a videotape obtained by SOHR that the Turkish authorities deported them to Syria after informing them of the need to renew their IDs and resident identity cards. When the two families went to Immigration and Passports Service, they were told that the department was closed, and they have to go to a newly open department to complete the procedures. Then Turkish authorities took them by car and involuntarily deported them to Syria, without allowing them to return to their homes in Turkey.

The man also asserts that the two families cannot return to their homes in Afrin, due to the seizure of their land and properties by Turkish forces and their proxy factions.

Accordingly, the number of people who were deported by the Turkish authorities in October has raised to 2,301 Syrian refugees, who hold the “temporary protection” cards (Kimlik), handed to them by the Turkish Immigration Department.

Turkey continues the housing of Syrian refugees in areas that it controlled during 2018 and 2019 within the “Olive Branch” and “Euphrates Shield” areas northern of Syria which is known as the “Safe Area”, aiming to force its past policy to make demographic changes in those areas to obtain an international legitimacy in areas under Turkish control in Syria.

On October 28, SOHR activists reported that Turkish authorities deported 120 Syrian refugees to Syrian territory, under the name of “voluntary return”, through Bab Al-Salama crossing on borders after they were forcibly displaced.

According to reliable SOHR sources, most young men who held the “temporary protection” cards (Kimlik), were handed to by the Turkish Immigration Department.