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Amid dire living conditions | Lack of monitoring by Autonomous Administration encourages merchants to raise prices of goods

Lack of monitoring in markets in areas controlled by the Autonomous Administration in North and East Syria has encouraged merchants to tamper with prices in order to increase their profits.


It is worth noting that merchants deal in the US dollar to make larger profits, at a time when customers receive their salaries in the Syrian lira which has hit a record low against the US dollar. Accordingly, merchants have tampered with prices of their goods by adding 100 SYP to the real value of the Syrian currency against the USD, which has badly affected consumers.


According to SOHR sources, tomatoes are delivered to merchants in Al-Haal market in Al-Hasakah for 1,000 SYP a kilogram, while tomatoes are sold to consumers for 2,400 up to 3,000 SYP a kilogram. The prices of goods and food are affected by many factors, including the Syrian currency plunge and the high prices of diesel which is used for irrigating farmlands and transporting goods and foodstuffs. Also, the prices of cloths varying from a store to another, where all goods are delivered to areas under the control of the Autonomous Administration, via Al-Waleed and Semalka crossings on the Syria border with Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Taxes are imposed on the goods crossed into Syria via those crossings. Accordingly, they are sold in markets in higher prices.


Commenting on the high and varying prices, a civilian informed SOHR a list of prices of some goods in Al-Darbasiyyah city in Al-Hasakah countryside as follows:


  • Cow milk: from 3,200 to 3,600 SYP per litre.


  • Turkish-made margarine: from 8,300 to 8,800 SYP per kilogram.


  • Medium-grain rice: 4,800 SYP per kilogram.


  • Liquid Jelly: 6,500 SYP per pack.


  • Olive soap: 30,000 SYP per kilogram.


  • Sunflower oil: 35,000 SYP per four-litre bottle.


  • Tomato paste: from 9,000 to 12,000 SYP per kilogram.


  • Olive oil: 18,000 SYP per litre.


The man has noted out that many families have no financial ability to by even a half of those goods.


The lack of monitoring and failure to control prices have let civilians to fell victims to the greedy merchants who control prices in areas controlled by the Autonomous Administration, relying on their financial and political influence.