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SOHR exclusive | “Washington meeting discussed accumulated downsides related to Syrian crisis, away from desires and emotions,” says Namroud Suleiman

A delegation of the Syrian opposition has held a meeting which has been describes by the opposition as “fruitful,” where the meeting discussed several issues. In an exclusive interview with SOHR, the political opponent Namroud Suleiman, who lives in Washington, says “the meeting organised and attended by Syrians in Washington on October 29, 2022, was characterised by interferences, political views and criticising stances, where discussing downsides was based on scientific method and political logic with the aim of reaching political and organised solutions.”


Suleiman has pointed out that the participation was distinct, and not quantitative, as the meeting was held by former officials served in all fields: diplomats, politicians and economists who are experienced in the political international and regional equations and aware of the relations among them, away from the concept of constant believes. “The participants included politicians who are professional in using USA political cards and have strong relations with prominent figures in all US institutions, where most of the participants are professors in different fields, such as medicine, political science, philosophy and researches,” added Mr. Namroud.


The prominent politician has referred to the participation of Arab and international media activists and agencies, and clarified that the speeches given by Dr. Lina Murad and Dr. Taghreed Al-Hajali made the meeting effective at the levels of the political and social situations, where the Syrians discussed for the first time the accumulated downsides in the past 11 years. “During the discussion, all participants set aside desires and emotions, and they focused only on the studying of the negative reality which led our country to this unpleasant situation at all levels. After studying the downsides and the factors leading to them, practical and workable solutions have been agreed on. The participants have reached consensus which is manifested in staying away from dividing into groups when it comes to deal with influential powers and the need to regroup all segments of Syrian society, regardless the number and influence of each constituent of the Syrian society and background of Syrian people. The earlier visits to the capital of many countries around the world proved their failure, as delegation which paid such visits represented only one constituent of the Syrian society, such as delegations represented Arabs only, and some delegations represented Kurds only, while other delegations represented Christians only.”


Namroud Suleiman has stressed the importance of relying on the united Syria which contains and respects all constituents and backgrounds, along with respecting the rights of all constituent of the Syrian society.


Mr. Suleiman has added, “this what happened yesterday, but questions about reaching a working mechanism needed to turning optical agreements into practical measures and procedures are still arose.”