SOHR: 2 Egyptian girls found beheaded in Syria’s Al-Hol camp • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights
The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

SOHR: 2 Egyptian girls found beheaded in Syria’s Al-Hol camp


Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that the beheaded bodies of two Egyptian girls were found in a sprawling Al-Hol camp in northeastern Syria that houses tens of thousands of women and children linked to the Islamic State group.

A security source in the camp told AFP on Tuesday: “The bodies of 11-year-old and 13-year-old Egyptian girls were found in the sewers.”

Crime returns to the fore in Al-Hol

The murder is the first of its kind since the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) concluded a 24-day raid campaign in al-Hol in mid-September. During the raid, dozens of people were arrested and weapons were confiscated in the operation, as the raid came after committing murders inside the camp.

Commenting on the incident, the International Rescue Committee’s country director in Syria, Tanya Evans, said, “We are horrified to hear reports that two girls have been killed in Al-Hol camp in Syria .”

Evans added that the recent incident in which children were killed in the camp highlights the urgent need to find long-term solutions for the children of the camp.

Al-Hol camp

Al-Hol camp, which is located in the farthest part of Al-Hasakah Governorate and houses more than 50,000 people, about half of whom are Iraqis, including 11,000 foreigners, witnesses security incidents from time to time.

As per media reports, the camp, run by the Kurdish Autonomous Administration, witnesses security incidents, and the United Nations counted the deaths of more than 100 people in it between January 2021 and June 2022.

According to the Syrian Observatory, 28 murders have been documented in Al-Hol camp since the beginning of 2022, including 8 unidentified women.

Children, who make up 64 per cent of the camp’s residents, live in tragic conditions, due to the lack of services and health care and the increase in violence.


Source: Siasat Daily