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Unfounded news | SOHR denies OHCHR statement of ra-ping two Egyptian girls in Al-Hawl camp

UN releases statement condemning the heinous killing of two young Egyptian girls whose bodies were found in a sewer ditch in Al-Hawl camp.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Volker Turk, condemned in a statement, the “outrageous” and “brutal” murder of two Egyptian girls, calling on the international community and Kurdish forces controlling the area to redouble their efforts to protect the thousands of women and children still being held in Al-Hawl camps.

According to the UN statement, the two girls “were raped a few days before their deaths.

After their rape, the sisters and the mother of the two victims were harassed by a group of extremist women inside the camp for the stigma associated with having been subjected to sexual violence, “according to reports received by the United Nations.”

In light of the above, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights condemns such crimes in Al-Hawl camp and categorically denies the case that the two Egyptian children were raped days before the crime or at any other time.

Officials at Al-Hawl camp have confirmed to the Syrian Observatory that the section guards are women only and no men are there. It is unknown which sources the UN High Commissioner relied on in his statement.

It is worth noting that the Kurdish Red Crescent transported the bodies of the two Egyptian girls to the hospital after they were found murdered.

On November 15, SOHR activists reported that two bodies were found in sewers in Al-Hawl camp, in the far south-east of Al-Hasakah, on Tuesday.

According to SOHR sources, the bodies that were found are of two Egyptian minors who were missing.

The two girls were killed with a sharp object in the “migrant women” (Al-Mohajerat) section in Al-Hawl camp.

On August 11, SOHR activists reported a new murder that occurred in Al-Hawl camp in the far south-east of Al-Hasakah, when Internal Security Forces “Asayish” found two Iraqi brothers dead with gun wounds in the second section of Al-Hawl camp.

It is worth noting that ISIS cells abducted the two Iraqi men and then shot them dead.

Since early 2022, the number of murders documented in the camp is 29, which left 32 people dead; and they are as follows:

• Eight Iraqi refugees, including two women.

• 12 Syrian people, including eight women.

• Two young Egyptian girls

• Eight unidentified women.

• A medic was killed in the post where he worked in the camp.

• An unidentified man.