The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Deaths in Aleppo city due to airstrikes and shells’ landing on regime forces controlled areas

Aleppo Province:

Two rocket  shells launched by Islamic Brigades landed on places in the neighborhood of al-Azizyya controlled by regime forces in Aleppo, also two men died after several rocket shells launched by rebel battalions on areas in the Nile street controlled by regime forces in Aleppo, while the helicopters dropped two barrel bombs on places In the old city of Aleppo in Aleppo city and one of them did not explode, they also dropped barrel bomb on another area in the neighborhood of al-Qsila  killing a man and wounding others, the helicopters dropped barrel bomb also on another area in the neighborhood of Sheikh Kheder east of Aleppo, which killed a citizen, while the warplanes carried out raids on areas in al-Jadidah village and the areas around Kwires airbase besieged by the “Islamic state” in the eastern countryside of Aleppo, no information about casualties, while the Islamic brigades targeted using number of rocket shells positions of the “Islamic state” in the village of Tal Maled near Mare’e city in the northern countryside of Aleppo, coincided with clashes between the two parties in the region, and no information about casualties up to the minute.