The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Shells on the capital and the violent clashes continue in al-Zabadani city

Rif Dimashq Province:

violent clashes are still taking place between Islamic factions and local gunmen against the regime forces, NDF, Hezbollah and the Palestinian Liberation army, in the city of al-Zabadani and its surroundings, in conjunction with bombing by the regime forces on areas of the city, and targeting it using missiles and heavy machineguns, also a man died and two fighters wounded and information about a third in an IED explosion near a checkpoint for the rebel factions at the area of Bibbila – Sidi Meqdad in the south of Rif Dimashq, also the regime forces opened heavy fire of their machineguns on the areas in the town of Zebdin in the Eastern Ghouta , also a shell landed on area near Police Hospital near Harasta, no information about casualties.


Damascus Province:

Clashes took place between the regime forces and the militiamen loyal to them against fighters of Islamic faction in Yarmouk camp area south of the capital region, coincided with opening fire by the regime forces on areas in the outskirts of the camp and its surroundings in south of Damascus, no information about casualties, also the regime forces carried out raids on the homes of citizens in the area of al-Midan in the center of the capital, and information about arresting number of citizens, also several rocket shells landed on areas in the neighborhood of Rokn al-Dien and vicinity of al-Omawiyyin Square in al-Mezze area, no information about casualties.