The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Comprising 50 machineries | Turkish convoy prepares to enter Idlib towards “De-Escalation Zone”

Idlib province: SOHR activists have reported that a new Turkish military convoy comprising 50 machineries including tanks, personnel carriers and trucks carrying logistic equipment and weapons, is preparing to enter Idlib.

According to reliable SOHR sources, the convoy will include officers to check the checkpoints deployed in “De-Escalation Zone” and make sure of their readiness to fight at any circumstances.

On October 26, SOHR activists monitored the withdrawal of a Turkish military convoy in southern Idlib countryside, comprising ten tanks and several armoured vehicles, in addition to nearly 20 personnel carriers towards Turkish territory.

On October 14, Turkish forces brought a military convoy for exchange purposes, comprising seven tanks and dozens of armoured vehicles and trucks, from Turkish territory through “Bab Al-Hawa” crossing towards Turkish checkpoints in eastern Idlib countryside.