Daily death toll | Nine persons killed on November 29 across Syria • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights
The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Daily death toll | Nine persons killed on November 29 across Syria

Further details of fatalities, documented by SOHR, can be summarised as follows:

The body of a newborn baby, who died several days ago, was found in Deir Hassan area north of Idlib, where the body was buried at Deir Hassan cemetery on Monday evening.

The university student known by his initials as (M. H.) died under torture at the Military Security Branch in Homs city.

A 23 year-old young man from Al-Mazirib town in western Daraa countryside, died under brutal torture in the regime’s infamous “Saidaniyah” prison, after being arrested for nearly two years.

A civilian died by the explosion of an unexploded explosive of remnant of war while harvesting olive fruits in the vicinity of Majdalia village in Idlib countryside.

A woman was killed during a family quarrel that erupted between two brothers of Al-Bakir Al-Rakiwat tribes in Al-Wadouda in the northern countryside of Deir Ezzor yesterday over a dispute on agricultural land. The quarrel has evolved to the use of light and medium weapons.

A woman known by her initials as A’. D from Aleppo countryside died today as the woman suffered severe wounds after being brutally beaten by her husband in Ras Al-Ain city in “Spring of Peace” areas.

A young man of Bedouin tribes was shot dead by unidentified gunmen on the road between Al-Mata’iyah town and Nada village on the borders with Jordan in eastern Daraa countryside.

A colonel and a regime soldier were killed by unidentified gunmen, believed to be ISIS members, where the gunmen opened fire at a car with a plate of Homs, which they were travelling in, on Al-Sokhnah road.