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The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Amid public anger over fuel crisis | Iranian oil tanker arrives at Baniyas harbour

SOHR sources have reported that the shipment of the Iranian oil tanker “Lana,” which arrived at Baniyas harbour a few days ago, started to be unloaded, where the oil tanker’s shipment comprises 700,000 barrels of crude oil. It is supposed that the oil will be refined and the produced petrol and diesel will be sent to petrol stations throughout Syria in order to ease off the dramatic fuel crisis in regime-controlled areas.


Reports about the arrival of the Iranian oil tanker at the Syrian harbour have been met with criticism on social media by civilians in regime-controlled areas, who have confirmed that this amount cannot be enough to cover the people’s need in all Syrian provinces for more than one day, and that it cannot positively affect the fuel prices which reached an unprecedented level unaffordable by the many.


Some social media users have commented on these reports, explaining that this amount is not even enough to the cars of officials of the regime government and power generators in their houses. They also noting out that poor civilians would never benefited from this oil and that they would remain obligated to buy fuel on black markets for prohibitively high prices.


On a press release, the Syrian regime’s Minister of Oil and Mineral Resources, Bassam To’me has stated “one shipment of oil cannot solve the crisis, and oil shipments have to be imported regularly.” He has confirmed that there are exaggerated reports on the arrival of the oil tanker, adding “even the oil tankers which arrive at Syrian harbours are small and their capacity is less than one million barrels.”


To’me has announced that the US navy in Greece has confiscated an oil tanker a few months ago, before the Greek supreme courthouse ordered to send the oil tanker back to Iran. The oil tanker later was sent to Syria.


It is worth noting that regime-controlled areas experience a stifling fuel crisis since the beginning of winter, where the price of petrol has approximated 13,000 SYP per litre, while the price of diesel has increased to 8,000 SYP per litre. Meanwhile, the Syrian regime remains unable to secure sufficient amounts of fuels, amid accusations against influential merchants of buying fuels from regime government and offering them on black markets for double the prices.