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Ongoing protests | Civilians block Damascus-Al-Suwaydaa highway

Al-Suwaydaa province: Demonstrators have blocked Damascus-Al-Suwaydaa highway near Hazm village with burning rubber tyres, in solidarity with protests in Al-Suwaydaa city centre, and denouncing the deteriorating living conditions in Syria.

One young man died of his injuries, while another was still in intensive care, and six others suffered varying injuries by regime security forces. The injured people were taken to the government hospital in Al-Suwaydaa.

The security forces confronted popular protests, entered the governorate building and burned government cars, trying to disperse crowds of protesters, after protesters attacked government buildings in Al-Suwaydaa.


Al-Suwaydaa has seen significant security tension, after protesters attacked the government Al-Saraya building with stones, while some young men stormed it and tore up the picture of Bashar Al-Assad, demanding the overthrow of the regime.


Protesters burned a security vehicle, damaging other cars after security forces stormed a crowd of demonstrators and fired bullets to disperse protesters in Al-Suwaydaa city.

Protesters moved from Al-Mashnaqah roundabout, the “main centre of protests,” to Al-Seer square in Al-Suwaydaa city centre, and lit rubber tyres.

Protesters at the demonstration denounced poor living conditions, held up banners and chanted slogans calling for improvement.

Hours ago, Dozens of civilians gathered in Al-Mashnaqa roundabout square in Al-Suwaydaa city centre to protest against the deteriorating living conditions and the failure of the regime government to secure the most basic essentials in the city.

According to SOHR sources, dozens of people flocked to Al-Mashnaqah roundabout, calling for civilians to take part in the protests, coinciding with traffic paralysis on the central city road.

It is worth noting that Al-Suwaydaa is experiencing a state of anger and tension resulting from the corruption of the Syrian authority and its affiliated institutions, the looting of public funds by officials and the deprivation of fuel, heating materials, water, electricity, and high prices, rampant insecurity and theft.