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Demanding prosecution of Abu Ghanum’s killers | Civilians stage protest in Al-Bab city east of Aleppo

Aleppo province: Dozens of civilians staged protest in Al-sentar park in Al-Bab city in the eastern countryside of Aleppo, to protest the security forces’ continued secrecy of the killers of media activist Abu Ghanum and his wife, despite knowing that “Al-Hamza Division” faction is involving in the murder.

The protesters demanded revealing those involved in the murders, retribution from them, and disclosure of information about the findings of investigations into the case.

This came after residents feared that the security forces would hand the killers over to Al-Hamza faction, without their trial, or try to prolong the investigation, as not all those involved in the assassination be held accountable.

On November 16, Military and Civil police officers by force of arms tried to remove the sit-in tent set up by the residents of Al-Bab city near the Center roundabout where the protesters demand that the killers of the media activist “Abu Ghanum” be held accountable, and the military police used tear gas to disperse the demonstrators.

This led to a clash between the people and the military police to prevent the removal of the sit-in tent.

According to Syrian Observatory activists, protesters confronted the military police, chanting slogans of “Shabiha Shabiha,” referring to the military police and accusing them of working to muffle voices demanding that Abu Ghanum’s killers be held accountable and exposing the leaders involved and ordered the killing of Abu Ghanum.