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Homs province | Residents of Homs post photos showing solidarity with protests in Jabal Al-Arab

Young men in Al-Talbisah city in the northern countryside of Homs have posted photos on social media supporting the popular movement in the southern province of Al-Suwaydaa.

The residents of Talbisah city have expressed their solidarity with the residents of Al-Suwaydaa by sending a message that reads as follows: “From the free residents of Talbisah city, to the residents of Al-Suwaydaa… You are the majestic men of Jabal Al-Arab. You are the descendants of Sultan Pasha Al-Atrash. We, together, will defeat injustice.”

In this massage, they’re referring to the ruling Syrian regime and its security intelligence branches.

The residents of the cities and neighbourhoods of Homs province have previously joined hands with many popular movements, rejecting the authority of the ruling Syrian regime, especially during the last election period, they demanded that Bashar Al-Assad step down and leave Syria after causing its destruction and displacement of the inhabitants of the areas that supported the Syrian Revolution.