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Al-Bab countryside | Al-Hamza factions on alert in Al-Baza’a village over arresting group for manufacturing IEDs

Aleppo province: Al-Hamza division has been put on alert in Al-Baza’a village in Al-Bab countryside, east of Aleppo over a raid by Ahrar Al-Sham faction patrols yesterday evening, in the villages of Umm Al-Shakif and Al-Tafriya’iyah in Al-Bab countryside.

Ahrar Al-Sham carried out the raid after receiving information that a cell manufacturing IEDs in houses in those villages.

During the raid, Ahrar al-Sham faction managed to arrest nine armed men involved in IEDs manufacture.

According to Syrian Observatory sources, the militiamen operate under the banner of Al-Hamza Division led by “Qusay Boulad,” brother of Al-Hamza Division leader “Saif Abu Bakr,” who is from Al-Baza’a village in Al-Bab countryside from Al-Shammar tribe.

Al-Hamza faction is trying to exert pressure on Ahrar Al-Sham movement faction not to reveal the identity of the cell and its association with Al-Hamza Division.

It is worth noting that the villages of Umm Al-Shakif and Al-Tafriah are the main hub, used by Al-Hamza Brigade faction to smuggle into and out of regime-held areas in Aleppo province. There were several violent clashes erupted between Turkish-backed factions following disagreements over smuggling routes in that area.

It is worth noting that Al-Hamza faction was found to have been involved in many cases, including the murder of media activist Abu Ghanoum and his wife in Al-Bab city, months ago.

Al-Hamza Brigade attempts to protect those involved in the assassination case and pressure the military police not to disclose any information in areas under the control of Turkish forces and their proxy factions in Euphrates Shield areas, which led to many mass demonstrations in Al-Bab city demanding accountability of the key officials in Al-Hamza Division involved in the assassination.