The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

SOHR sources | “Moscow and Washington agree on not allowing Turkey to start incursion into N Syria”

Following the latest Russian-American meeting, SOHR sources have confirmed that Moscow discharged the commander-in-chief of Russian forces in Syria, General Alexander Chaiko and appointed a new general.


SOHR sources have also confirmed that the new general has conducted a tour in north and east Syria where he met with a delegation of Syria Democratic Forces, and the two sides discussed ways to develop the relations between Damascus and the Autonomous Administration, under Russian support and guidance.


During the meeting, the Russian general has confirmed that Moscow would never allow Turkey to militarily invade north Syria region, and he stressed the Russian-American rejection of any military operations by Turkey in the region.


The meeting also discussed ways to withdraw SDF military forces from Kobani and Manbij and deploy troops of the Internal Security Forces (Asayish) and regime forces in the surrounding areas instead.


Recently, some websites circulated reports about giving SDF a time limit to withdraw from Manbij, Tel Rifaat and Ain Al-Arab, as well as changes in the command of SDF, by discharging commanders whom Turkey reserved, as a condition to stop the continuous Turkish attacks. However, SDF field commanders have reported SOHR that those reports are completely untrue.


In an exclusive interview with SOHR, the field commander and official spokesperson for “Liwaa Al-Shamal Al-Dimocrati” (the Democratic Northern Brigade), Mahmoud Habib has commented on the latest changes in SDF command. Mr. Habib says, “the region has witnessed considerable and serious political, military and security tensions, mainly the heavy losses caused by the Turkish aerial and ground attacks, attempts by ISIS to wreak havoc and the military and security siege imposed on the region.”