The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

For the 37th consecutive day | Alouk water station goes out of service with Turkey using water as pressuring weapon

Turkey continues using water as a weapon of war against residents of the region, which is considered a humanitarian crime and one of the prominent violations against civilians, despite repeated appeals to concerned authorities and humanitarian institutions to pressure the Turkish authorities and to put an end to these violations, with no use.

On the same context, SOHR activists reported that Alouk water station in Ras Al-Ain countryside northern of Al-Hasakah, has been out of service for the 37th consecutive day, while nearly a million people of residents of Al-Hasakah city and its countryside and Tel Tamr and its villages have been suffering of complete cut of electric current, in fear of a potential humanitarian disaster.

The water of the wells in Al-Hasakah is not suitable for drinking, and after the failure of attempts of the “Autonomous Administration” to find a solution for the disaster in the region, the authorities of the Autonomous Administration distributed water on residents via tanks as an alternative solution.

Regarding the deteriorating living conditions and the increase of prices of different goods, where the price of five water tanks rose from 1,000 to 13,000, leaving the civilians under difficulties, without any actions by the humanitarian institutions.

It is worth noting that since the Turkish forces and “National Army” factions controlled Ras Al-Ain city in Al-Hasakah countryside in Al-Hasakah countryside within “Peace Spring” area in 2019, they have took control over “Alouk” water station that feeds Al-Hasakah city and aim to use thirst as a weapon of war against the civilians.