The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Ongoing violations | National Army continue illegal logging and selling of civilians’ homes in Afrin

Aleppo province: The olive groves in Kafr Shil village and the outskirts of Al-Mahmudiyah neighbourhood were partially and completely cut off by unknown gunmen. Although citizens lodged complaints with the National Army factions, the National Army did not move a finger.

“Malek shah” and “Al-Sultan Murad” factions cut down nearly 120 olive trees in the villages of Kibar in the countryside of Afrin, Kastal Kishk and Maidanki in Sharan district in Afrin countryside.

These olive trees are owned by three civilians. The stolen firewood was transported to Idlib province to be sold as fire logs for heating.

Meanwhile, a member of Al-Mu’tasim Brigade sold a house in Al-Ashrafieh neighbourhood in Afrin for 1,400 USD. The house is originally owned by a resident of Basufan village.

Moreover, other gunmen sold three homes in Afrin for 2,200 USD.