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Fearing Isra*eli attacks | Lebanese Hezb*ollah transfers arms and redeploys militiamen in Homs desert and Damascus vicinity

Lebanese Hezbollah militia conducted several positioning operations in various military positions and posts in the vicinity of the capital, Damascus, and the eastern desert of Homs.

According to SOHR sources, during the past hours, Hezbollah transported weapons and ammunition from its military positions south of the capital Damascus to other positions, south-west of Damascus in the vicinity of Kiswah.

Weapons were distributed to more than one warehouse under the orders of Hezbollah leaders.

In Homs desert, specifically the Palmyra area in the eastern countryside of Homs, Lebanese Hezbollah replaced its positions and transferred weapons and ammunition from the vicinity of the city to other areas not far from it.

The weapons and ammunition were transferred to more heavily fortified warehouses there.

This comes as camouflage by Hezbollah militia for fear of potential Israeli attacks or aerial bombardments by “unidentified aircraft.”


On November 10, SOHR sources reported that the Lebanese Hezbollah camouflaged military positions and posts near the Syrian-Lebanese border in Rif Dimashq.

According to SOHR sources, during the past hours, military patrols raised the internationally recognised Syrian flag at three Hezbollah positions and checkpoints near Dimas area, nearly four kilometres away from the border strip.

Iranian-backed militiamen stationed at those positions and checkpoints also wore the military uniforms of the regime forces and raise the Syrian flag on their cars, with pictures of Bashar Al-Assad, placed on them, amid great security tightening.

This comes as part of ongoing camouflage operations by Hezbollah and Iranian-affiliated militias as their military positions continue to be targeted by Israel and the coalition.