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SOHR exclusive | “We are ready to start dialogue with all national powers that are keen on the geographical unity of our country,” says Badran Jia Kurd

In an exclusive interview with SOHR, the co-head of the Department of Foreign Relations of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES), Badran Jia Kurd says that the 31st Arab Summit, which was held in Algeria and attended by Arab presidents and leaders, with the participation of representatives of regional and international organisations, under the slogan of “reunion,” has witnessed lack of consensus over several regional causes. It is worth noting that such summits had been suspended for three years.


Badran Jia Kurd says, “in the frame of discussions which came to the fore, specifically causes related to the situation in Syria, there was a consensus by some Arab leaders on the importance to proceed with a Syrian-Syrian dialogue. This indicates that the past years of the Syrian crisis were just a period during which the crisis has been deepened, because of the lack of consensus on a solution and the national Syrian understanding.”


“At a time when we welcome the outcomes of Algeria’s summit, including the consensus on a political settlement and Syrian-Syrian dialogue, we would like to stress that this path is the right one to reach a workable solution and achieve stability in Syria. It is also the only way to ensure the geographical and social unity of Syria, and we, at the Autonomous Administration, have been all along prioritising those principles and objectives. Accordingly, we would like to confirm our complete readiness to start a dialogue with all national powers that are keen on the unity and stability of Syria, under a national Syrian understanding within a consensual political solution which could potentially enable Syrians to regain their rights after 11 years of war, destruction and intervention of foreign powers, away from the Syrian regime’s insistence to deal with the situation in Syria as if it will never be changed.”


“We call upon all supporting powers and all Arab countries to cooperate and work on easing off obstacles and challenges facing this path in order to achieve stability and peace in Syria and eliminate terrorism and projects designed to divide Syria and threatening the peaceful settlements in Syria.”