The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Two days after arrival of regime reinforcements | Turkish forces and their proxies shell two villages in Aleppo

Aleppo province: SOHR activists have reported that Turkish forces and their proxies stationed near Marae city in northern Aleppo countryside, fired heavy artillery shells on the outskirts of Um Al-Hawsh and Hirbal villages within areas of Kurdish and regime forces, causing only material damages.

The Turkish shelling comes two days after regime forces brought a military convoy to their positions in Al-Shuhabaa area in northern Aleppo countryside, where this is the largest convoy since the Turkish escalation on November 20, and comprised military reinforcements and heavy weapons including nearly 40 advanced (T90) tanks, field artillery, personnel carriers, armoured vehicles equipped with Shilka machineguns and 80 regime soldiers including officers of different ranks, in addition to hundreds of members of Special Operation Units.

The reinforcements were seen heading towards Al-Shuhabaa area in northern Aleppo countryside coming from Aleppo countryside, some of them entered through Al-Ahdas area towards the frontlines with “National Army” factions in northern and eastern Aleppo countryside, and some others headed towards Mangh Military Airport and Al-Moshah School in Fafin village in northern Aleppo countryside.

According to reliable SOHR sources, the number of members deployed in the area reached near 2,500, since the Turkish escalation on November 19.

On December 9, SOHR sources reported that regime forces sent new military reinforcement from the central region to frontlines with areas controlled by SDF-backed Manbij Military Council. The recently-arrived reinforcement comprised 40 tanks, personnel carries, logistical supplies and artillery pieces.

On December 5, SOHR sources reported that a convoy of military vehicles from the central region of Syria set out towards Aleppo to reinforce the positions of the regime forces in northern Syria. ”

According to the sources, the military convoy is of 25th Division special missions led by Suhail al-Hassan, crossed on the international road “m5,” and was seen just after midnight in Hama heading north.