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The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Damascus | Two people kil-led and Hez*bollah warehouse destroyed

Two unidentified gunmen, likely to belong to Lebanese Hezbollah, were killed due to the Israeli attacks near Damascus International Airport and the vicinity of Damascus, where the attacks targeted a Hezbollah warehouse containing weapons and logistic materials in a farm located between Al-Saida Zainab and Al-Bajdaliyah, destroying it completely, amid reports of more casualties in the site.

Israel fired four missiles on positions of Iranian militias in the vicinity of Damascus International Airport and farms in Al-Saida Zainab area in Rif Dimashq, where ambulance vehicles rushed to the site. However, no casualties were reported.

SOHR documented 32 airstrikes and ground rocket attacks since the beginning of 2022, during which Israel targeted several positions in Syria, destroying nearly 90 targets, including buildings, warehouses, headquarters, centres, and vehicles. These strikes killed 85 military personnel and injured 115 others, as well as injury of 23 civilians, including a little girl and at least three women.
The deaths were as follows:
• Two Iranian officers operating under the banner of Al-Quds Corps.
• Ten Iranian-backed Syrian fighters.
• 29 Iranian-backed fighters of non-Syrian nationality.
• 36 Soldiers and air defence officers of regime forces.
• Eight collaborators with Lebanese Hezbollah.
Meanwhile, the attacks are distributed regionally as follows:
• Damascus and Rif Dimashq: 18 attacks
• Al-Quneitera: Five attacks
• Hama: Four attacks
• Tartus: Two attacks
• Aleppo: Two attacks
• Homs: Two attack
• Latakia: One attack
• Deir Ezzor: One attack