The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

The airstrikes continued on several areas in al-Zabadani and Darayya and the regime forces shell Jobar

Rif Dimashq Province:

The regime helicopters continued bombing barrel bombs on areas in the city of Darayya in the Western Ghouta, in conjunction with shelling by regime forces on areas of the city, clashes also continued in the area around the city of Darayya between regime forces and gunmen loyal to them against  the rebel and Islamic factions and information about deaths for the regime forces, while the helicopters dropped more barrel bombs on the areas in the city of al-Zabadani in conjunction with continued clashes between regime forces, Hezbollah, the Palestinian liberation army and NDF against the Islamic factions and local fighters accompanied by mutual heavy shelling, areas in the west of Rif Dimashq also were bombarded by the regime forces, but no information about injuries.


Damascus Province:

The regime forces shelled areas in Jobar neighborhood at the outskirts of the capital, activists accused the regime forces of using gases in the bombing, which led to the injury of several people, and also the regime forces shelled areas in al-Yarmouk camp south of the capital, there were no information about the injuries.