The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Hezbollah and the regime forces advancing in al-Zabadani city near the Syrian – Lebanese borders

Rif Dimashq Province:

Violent clashes are still taking place in al-Zabadani town near the Syrian – Lebanese border between local fighters from the city and Islamic factions against Hezbollah, the regime forces, NDF and the Palestinian Liberation Army where the clashes are accompanied by bombing by regime’s helicopters using barrel bombs on areas in the city of al-Zabadani, in conjunction with intensive bombardment using missiles believed to be ground-to-ground by the regime forces, and targeting places in the city and positions for the fighters by tens of shells, the clashes resulted in advancement for the regime forces and Hezbollah militants loyal to them near Barada mosque in the city, and information on the death and capture of several fighters from an Islamic Movement. Hezbollah, the regime forces and gunmen loyal to them are trying since the fourth of July to take control of the strategic city, where the warplanes and helicopters carried out hundreds of air strikes, coincided with bombing hundreds of missiles, which resulted in the deaths and wound from both sides.