The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Condemning Turkey-Syria rapprochement | Angry demonstration in Salqin city in Idlib countryside

Idlib province: Dozens of residents of Salqin city have gathered in the northern countryside of Idlib in an angry protest demonstration condemning the rapprochement between the Turkish and Syrian regimes.

The protesters have lifted placards and chanted slogans, calling for the overthrow of the regime and confirming that this rapprochement came at the expense of the blood of the Syrian people, which has flowed and is still flowing.

These protests come after Erdogan’s plans were exposed and become known to the Syrian people, who reject this rapprochement.


On December 31, people staged angry demonstrations and protests in northern Syria, setting off from the cities and towns of Idlib, Azaz, Marea, Souran, Akhtarin, Shepherd, Qabasin, Bazaa, Al-Bab, Jarablus and Al-Ghandoura on Friday under the name of “We die, but will not reconcile with Al-Assad” rejecting the meeting between Turkey’s defence minister and his Syrian counterpart in Moscow.