The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

With widespread of weapons | 13 civilians kil-led in tribal and family infightings for revenge

Since early December, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has documented the death of 13 people, due to 13 tribal infightings in SDF-controlled areas. Here are further details:

• December 1: A young man shot dead a man in his sixties near Al-Saha roundabout in Al-Masaref neighbourhood in Al-Qamishli city in Al-Hasakah province.

• December 4: Two young brothers were killed and three others were injured, due to quarrels between cousins of “Al-Kolaizat” tribe that escalated to clashes with weapons in Zain Al-Mabraj village in Um Madfaa area within SDF-held areas southern of Al-Hasakah, where the injured people were taken to hospitals of Al-Hasakah to receive proper medication, amid tension between the tribe members in the village.

• December 9: A young man was injured due to violent clashes with heavy and light weapons over an earlier retaliation among cousins from Al-She’ayta tribe in Al-Muhaymidah neighbourhood in Al-Keshkiyyah town in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor. Meanwhile, sources reported that ambulances headed to the neighbourhood, amid appeals to tribal dignitaries to interfere to solve the dispute.

• December 10: A family fighting broken out between the cousins of Al-Khudair Al-Kabeel and Al-Shalal families over a dispute between them in Al-Sour city, north of Deir Ezzor. The dispute developed into armed clashes and left one child injured. The child has been moved to the hospital for treatment.

• December 14: A woman was shot dead by a stray bullet due to infighting between two families of Al-Moshahda tribe for an old vendetta, in Al-Sabha town in eastern Deir Ezzor countryside within SDF-held areas.

• December 15: Two women were killed and others were injured in violent clashes with machineguns between civilians from Al-Bo Izz Al-Din tribe and a group of Al-Bo Khalaf tribe following disagreements on smuggling diesel via river crossings in Theban desert in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor, amid residents’ appeals to tribal dignitaries to defuse the tension.

• December 15: A man in his fifties from Rubariya village in Al-Malikiyah countryside in the north-eastern countryside of Al-Hasakah was killed by a man from Kahf Al-Aswad village near the Iraqi border over retaliation that was erupted 15 years ago. The victim’s body was taken to the national hospital in Al-Malikiya.

• December 17: Family fighting broke out between cousins of Al-Akidat tribe in Hawaij Dhiban town in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor under the control of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) due to an old vendetta that was renewed today, killing one person.

• December 19: A young man was killed and his brother was taken to intensive care, due to quarrels between two groups of civilians of Ahmir Labda “Al-Bobna” village southern of Manbij city in eastern Aleppo countryside.

• December 24: SOHR activists reported that a young man killed his elder mother by mistake while celebrating her return from the capital Damascus after receiving medication, on Al-Makif road in Abo Hamam town eastern of Deir Ezzor, where she was taken to the hospital before dying. On the other hand, a young man was shot dead by a stray bullet fired by his cousin, after they tried to kill another person for revenge, in Zaiban town eastern of Deir Ezzor.

• December 25: One person was killed and another seriously injured in a family fighting that erupted in Abu Hamam town in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor. due to an old vendetta between the two families.

• December 25: A person was injured due to the eruption of an armed infighting between two families that evolved to armed clashes, due to demanding retaliation in Mashikh village in northern Deir Ezzor countryside, amid tension in the region.

• December 26: A man and a woman were injured in armed clashes between two families for an old vendetta in Gharanij town in eastern Deir Ezzor countryside

We, at the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), call for putting an end to the tribal infightings in Syria, which leave many innocent Syrians dead and wounded, and ratify and apply laws punishing everyone possessing unlicensed weapons.