The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

More than 1000 protesters in the city of Lattakia demand the execution of Sulaiman al- Assad

More than one thousand people carried out a sit-in at the roundabout of al- Ziraa today night protesting on the murdering of the colonel Hassan al- Sheikh who were killed by Sulaiman al- Assad – the son of Bashar al- Assad’s cousin, where Sulaiman shot him in front of his children because the colonel’s car exceeded his car. The protesters have raised photos of the colonel and chanted for the regime forces and demanding the trial of Sulaiman al- Assad who is still trying to acquit himself and impute the accusation to one of his escort, while, according to the relatives of the colonel, resources reported that Sulaiman al- Assad is the one who opened fire by his gun on the colonel, and that these games do not deceive them.


Meanwhile, reliable and local resources in Lattakia informed SOHR that the people are not going to end their sit-in and satisfy but by executing him because his crime committed deliberately. It is worth noting that Sulaiman al- Assad is the son of the leader of NDF Hlal al- Assad who were killed in March 23, 2014 – and the he is very known of being infamous among those who know him in the city of Lattakia.