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Armed attack | “Republican Guard” officer and member injured in attack in military post on Damascus outskirts

Damascus province: A lieutenant and a member of the Republican Guard forces, were injured when unidentified gunmen, on a motorcycle, with a silencer opened fire at a military post near Al-Saboura area on the outskirts of Damascus yesterday.

The two men were taken to a Damascus hospital for treatment after the gunmen fled to an unknown destination.

According to Syrian Observatory activists, heavy gunfire was fired by the members of the checkpoint after they were attacked.

The area witnessed a major alert and deployment of “Republican Guard” members as military reinforcements arrived at the checkpoint amid the setting up of temporary checkpoints on the roads.

Anger and resentment among people continue in areas controlled by the regime forces, especially Damascus and Rif Dimashq, due to poor living conditions and high prices, as the regime Government ignores the demands of the civilians. Civilians wrote anti-regime slogans on the walls of streets, confirming the continuation of the Syrian Revolution in Rif Dimashq.


On January 2, SOHR activists reported that unidentified people wrote sentences on walls against the regime, confirming the continuation of the Syrian revolution, in Qatna town in Rif Dimashq.

The people demand to overthrow of the Syrian regime, where sentences were found in Qatna Medical Centre and Qatna Al-Balda compound, the graveyard of the town and some schools in it, the sentences read “We are free people… God’s curse on your soul, Hafez… We will restart the first revolution… 2023 is the end of Al-Assad’s rule.”